Nikki Croes

Personal Chef & Nutritional Coach
Simple Recipes

I love being active. Yoga, travel, snowboarding, dancing, pogo-stick jumping... high energy is part of my nature. But when I'm not eating well and treating my body right, I have no strength or desire to do the things that give me joy. I'm mindful about what I eat because I want to live the best, most exciting life that I can. I want to feel fit, move with ease, prevent illness and (I'll admit it) look good in the process.

Food changes everything. My journey to date has taught me that dairy makes me sick, less meat is better, sugar causes mood swings and tasteless food isn't worth my time. But that doesn't mean I miss out. In fact, since changing my diet I love food even more, because I respect where it comes from and what it does for my body. I believe that whole foods are our best medicine, dark leafy greens are a gift from nature and sometimes it's okay to just let go and have fun!


My intention is to show busy people (like you) how easy and fun it is to eat well, live fully and feel fabulous. I share quick, healthy recipes and lifestyle suggestions. I also offer a Healthy Personal Chef Service in New York City.

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